How it Works

We know it is sometimes hard to get our kids off those screens and out doing something active. The Brickman and the BrickFit team have put together a way to get kids active and keep them active. Long enough to form a natural habit of exercising regularly. Using the power of LEGO Bricks, the BrickFit program provides clear incentives and rewards for completing activity challenges.

Let the Brickman explain why he is so passionate about BrickFit and how it works!

The BrickFit program comes with the following features:

  • 1000+ LEGO® Bricks
  • Garmin vivofit 4 activity tracker bundle (1 black and 1 white small/medium band)
  • 105 Solo Challenges / 30 Group Challenges / 50 Special Challenges
  • Every challenge is rewarded with LEGO build instructions created by the Brickman team
  • Two packs of custom Minifigs are posted to your door when reaching specific milestones
  • Regular video messages from the Brickman to stay engaged and energised
  • Solo Challenge Completion Trophy posted to your door
  • 12 months of activity (Minimum of 6 months for super active kids)
  • Dedicated parent app to see progress and keep kids safe

What’s in the box?

With 185 challenges, to complete the full program in one year you would need to complete one challenge every two days!

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